Monday, December 31, 2012

Harper's First Fishing trip 12-2012

Harper was visiting in early december, Poppee decided to take her fishing, she was so excited, you can tell by her face!

Benjamin Casey Middle Ball 5th Grade 11-2012

Benjamin is a fifth grader at the elementary,they choose him to be on the Middle School Team, starting as point guard, I am very proud of him.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Panama City Beach 7-2012

The family all but Red went to Panama City, Florida in July, stayed at Origin at Seahaven, we had a
   wonderful vacation, beautiful weather and great food!
Lee,Steve,Bob,Jessie,Teresa,Pat,David, & Stacey took the Bananna Boat Ride, they laughed so hard, it was hillarious, they said it was hard to hold on!

Going out!

Harper & Benjamin covering Steve with sand!

Benjamin & Bob sitting on Steve!

The Cieteks!

Isn't this so sweet!

By the way we have a model in the family!

Fireworks on the beach1

Yes a Big Smiley Face!

Jessie & Harper

Pirate Ship on Shell Island!

Baylen, playing in the ocean!

Benjamin hauling water!

Gabe Martin, friend of Baylen's came to Florida with him!

On the shuttle bus on our way to Shell Island!

SHELL ISLAND, honestly I thought I was in Hawaii!

Jess and Harper on the Bananna Boat!

Coming back in, Harper loved it!

Rocks that surround the Island! Harper & Jessie.

My Princess Harper 6-2012

Aunt Linda, my sister brought Harper this Princess outfit, which as soon as she saw it, she had to put it on,so we went out in the yard and she pretended to wand everything, she is a doll!

You can see the wings and all!

Her tiara beads and all!

Harper wanding the flower's1

Picking nana's flower's, I don't care!

Nana's Flower's & Flower Bed's 6-2012

I have a big yard, love flowers, so naturally I have several flower bed's, in the summer
I spend a great deal of time taking care of them! In the spring of the year I can't wait to see what is going to pop  out  of the ground!

Hummingbird feeder's, Beebalm flower1

I have several different kind of decorative features in my flower bed's!

Mushroom's are my favorite to buy, in glass or wooden form's!

I travel many places collecting rocks for my border's around all my flower bed's!

zinnas's and impatient's, nothing no prettier!

Harper swimming at Nan's & Poppee's 6-2010

Harper loves the water, so I went and bought her a pool, she loves it especially when I get in with her!

She is swimming, go Harper go!

Harper Elle's First Pageant 6-2012

I was so very proud of my baby girl, they were home for the weekend, and I decided to take her to the Casey County Fair and enter her in the pageant, at first I didn't think she would do it, but after she saw that I could go with her on stage we were set, but she did let me know she wasn't going to smile or wave like the rest of them were doing, I
 said ok just go with me on stage, we went, didn't win a thing and came back home, I was sososo proud of her, I know if she would of smiled at least she would  of won, just look at her!