Sunday, May 22, 2011

Babysitting Harper Elle

Harper loves loves her baby dolls, she will spend lots of time playing with them,she carries them to the couch,one by one, and then back to the the play room, one by one, I watching her play!

Checking Baby for dirty diaper!

She is so silly, we had so much fun together, playing , shopping, eating, reading to her and loving on her, getting all her sugar!

She is counting how many play doughs she has!

Babysitting Harper Elle

Harper loves playing with her play dough, she will sit for a long period of time playing with this!

Watching Olivia, eyes glued!

Laying on her Pet Pillow Doggy!

So serious

Singing Olivia, Olivia, so so cute!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend 5-7-2011

Harper loves rearranging the flowers!

Harper Elle sitting on her back porch steps, soaking up the sun rays!

Mommy and Harper enjoying a activity!

Harper loves her baby doll Lindsey!

Red and I went down to Jessie's,Bob's and Harper, the girls went shopping, the guys went golfing, what more fun is that, Jess took me to the Farmers Market in Nashville, oh my gosh, I have never seen so many plants! Had a ball!

Mothers Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Sunday -4-24-2011

Jessie always giving Harper kisses!

E Lee and Harper!

This is not really suppose to be on with the Easter pictures, accidently clicked on wrong one, cute anyway, right!

Harper with her basket full of goodies from the church Easter Egg Hunt!

Poppie and Harper checking out all the goodies!

Painting Birdhouses- 4-23-2011

I cannot smell this paint any longer, get me out of here!

Mommy and Harper painting a birdhouse!

Mommy spending quality time with her baby girl!