Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at Nana's & Poppee's 4-8-2012

Hunting Easter Egg's

Harper finding the eggs, she loved it this year, so much fun for her and all of us1

Baylen counting his winning's!

Basket full of egg's!

Easter at Nana's & Poppee 4-8-2012

Benjamin, he will honestly put on anything you hand him, the HAT!

Baylen smiling for me with those new braces on!

Jessie & Harper right after church!

Our gang!

And again with Nana!

The McDonalds1

Nana and her babies!

Harper really telling the boys all about!

Steve & Lee

The Cietek's

Easter-Dunnville Christian Church 4-8-2012

Black Light preforming!

Ladies playing the bells!

Our youth singing a song,

The Group!

Egg Hunt -Ridgetop Greenhouse 4-7-2012

Getting ready to hunt eggs!

Out in the patch!

Found one, so excited!

Bunnies in the background!

Down at The Farm 4-2012

Red and I took Harper down to Joy & Donald's farm to see the horsee's as she calls them!

Usually she is scared to death of them, but this time she loved it!

Feeding the horses !

Harper climbing the gate, Donald laughing at her!

Joy helping Harper with the horses!

Nana & Harper Elle!

Blowing a dandelion!

Harper sporting new clothes

Harper Elle trying on her new clothes, isn't she a priss pot!

Harper and baby with there new gowns to match!