Sunday, August 28, 2011

Harper's Birthday Weekend 8-13-2011

Went down to Bob's and Jessie's for Harper's Second Birthday, we had an amazing time, Lee,Steve,Bay, and Benjamin came down also. The boys rode down with Red and I on Friday evening after work, Lee and Steve also came on Friday evening. Harper was so happy to see us all, she loves the boys and they love her just as much. Saturday we got up, Red, Lee and Jess got breakfast made, it was delicious, Bay went out and mowed the yard, Red did some weed eating and Benjamin raked the yard, had to have everything looking good for the party. Lee,Jess and I started preparing food for the parte'(tee hee), we fixed veggies, dip, cheese, crackers, brownies, lemonade, cupcakes, birthday cake(we didn't prepare the cake),ice cream cones and waffle bowls to make your own sundae!

My silly Bithday Girl!
Harper is so excited to get the movies she loves, Madagascar and Penguins!
Bob went out and bought this for Harper the day of the party, chalk board on one side, magnet side on the other, i thought that was really sweet of him!
Harper's Birthday Cake, sososos delicious, Strawberry with White
Icing, sososos moist!
Check out all her new hair accesories, Mommy got her for birthday!
This girl get's the first taste, she loved it!
Mommy and Harper blowing out the candles!

Elee trying to prompt Harper into blowing out the candles, as you can see in the picture above she suceeded!

Fresh Zinnias right out of Jessie's Garden, both my girls take after me with the Flower's!
Jessie is very creative!
Harper just had gotten up from her nap!
Got her to smile finally!

Two for Harper!

Benjamin and Harper playing, she loved it!

Benjamin and Harper eating watermelon!
Harper dressed up in a costume, look at that fat belly! Feeding Baylen watermelon!
As everyone can see the party was wonderful, afterwards all of us went out and had a family picture made there in Jessie & Bob's neighborhood,Angela, Jessie's very good friend made these pictures, she does a wonderful job! These pictures will come later, Sunday came, men went golfing, I took boys to the pool and basketball court, then in the afternoon Lee, boys and i headed home, wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Going To Church 7-30-201

This is the sweetest picture, I didn't even have to tell the child to smile, can you imagine, this little dress was her cousin Leah's was she this age.


Harper and Bob visting for the weekend!

Harper taking a picture a picture of her new hair do!

My girl loves that ole thumb!
Elee, this what Harper calls LeeAnn french braided Harper's hair, I can't believe she sat still long enough, she had to do it several times before getting it right, the squirming around, you know what i mean
Harper Elle loves that ole thumb!

Waterslide Park!

Jessie,Bob,Harper and Red went to the Waterslide Park, she loved it as you can see!

Love this picture of Harper and Daddy!

Charlie's Doughnut Shop!

Harper playing in the sand by Charlie's Doughnut Shop!
Drinking water after having a doughnut, can you believe Mom let her have one!
Charlie Doughnut Shop, oh my gosh, these were the best besides Burke's Bakery back at my old home town in Danville, Kentucky! They had regular, chocolate topped, sprinkles, longhorns, lemon filled, blueberry, and many more, so yummyyyy!

Broken Toe!

While out bike riding one morning I stopped at a cafe to buy a bottle of water, when I went to open the door I hit my little toe on the corner of it, I did not think a thing about it, it was bleeding just a little, as the day went on I saw that it was swelling and bruising very fast, no shoes at all, just open toe sandals, I should learn to be more careful! But I did have pretty toenails to go with the broken toe! teehee

Harper Elle

Sweet toes!
Taking a nap!

Sleeping so soundly, I don't how, with all the noise from all the people!
Showing my cheeks off, this would have to be a Hollywood picture!

Playing in the sand, she loved it!