Monday, March 26, 2012

Red's Terry Christmas 12-2011

The Terry Christmas, Roberta and Red on front row, Emma Jane in the middle, and the back row Alvleen and Thurman

First Cousins.

Second Cousins

The Whole Gang.

Harper opening her gift from the draw name, jewelry, of course she loved it!

See i love it!

My Princess Harper 12-2011

Harper in her
Princess outfit, she absolutely loves to dress up! Of course also while sucking the old thumb!

So so sweet! My baby girl!

McDonalds Christmas 2011

Red and I have gone to LeeAnn's every Christmas morning to have breakfast, and watch them open there gifts as long as I can remember,I really look foward to this, so many good memories, the boys expressions on there little faces as they open each gift!

Benjamin, showing us his new UK shorts, what other kind would you wear!

Baylen getting tickled about what he was opening!

New holister shirt!

Baylen and Benjamin opening movies!

Steve getting a new book for Christmas!

Oh my, new makeup!

Nice looking UK shirt!

Benjamin holding his new pellet gun!

Terry Christmas 2011 Red&Audrey

I have to say Christmas at our home in Dunnville was probably the funniest time we have ever had, Jessica and Bob had purchased for the boys a gag gift which consisted of many different funny things from triple bifocal glasses to fart cushions, so much fun did everyone have, as you can tell, our meal was a complete disaster, nothing went right with it, but we all managed to survive!

Harper opening her princess dressups from Elee and Steve, she loved it, she already thinks she is a princess, which she is to me!

Harper had so many gifts to open that Daddy decided to help her, open a gift, throw it to the side, open another one, hahaha!

My seet Benjamin!

Harper with the boys new UK basketball!

Jessie posing all pretty as always!

Check out Red's glasses, don.t you just love them!

Jessie 's glasses!

And Lee Ann's glasses, we had so much fun with these!

Bob and Harper Elle!

Audrey getting her new camera bag from Lee Ann, my draw name person, I
 love that all six of us adults draw names every year, make a list of what we want,give to the person that drew our name, and we all decide how much to spend, that way you usually get something you want!

Harper with her new apron on, that Elee gave her!

Our gang acting crazy!

Steve,LeeAnn,Baylen and Benjamin!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baylen Basketball 2011

Baylen's sophmore year, he got to start on varsity, I was really proud of him, he does really well, he loves basketball!

Dunking the ball, he is 6'5

What a jump!

Handsome young man!

Going for the free throw!

Harper,Jess and Bob got tocome to one of his games, Harper being a little shy!

Harper and Bay

Micah, friend of Bay, wrong picture, don't know how to delete!

Baylen guarding!

Baylen got to start the game with the jump ball!

Saturday, March 24, 2012



As everyone can it has been awhile since I  have blogged, shame on me , I will do better this year, these are starting with Thanksgiving of last year, way far behind, as always we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, so many family members,such wonderful food, and great fellowship!



Elizabeth, my niece